We are the New Negress Film Society, and we’re glad to have you as a guest here! Our main priority is to create independent, meaningful pieces that allow the audience to discover the identity of black women, political problems, and new perspectives of the movie industry. We support a wide range of films, but the demonstration of challenges faced by negress in filmmaking is the core mission of our community. Together, we aim to extend the horizons, change the state of things, and show unique stories of black female artists.

History of New Negress

New Negress Film Society was founded by a group of talented female artists in 2013. The name refers to the title of the movie “I Am A Negress of Noteworthy Talent.” After the first performance to a wide audience, we recognized that someone needs the stories we try to show. And although we thought it would be hard to reach out to people, the effect exceeded our expectations. The piece was warmly accepted, and we decided to keep on carrying the fire and strength of our voices. Today, the community is represented by Jatovia Gary, Frances Bodomo, Dyani Douze, Chanelle Aponte Pearson, and Stefani Saintonge.

Our Mission

This project is created by black women who want to raise important issues that still exist in the industry. We aim to organize a space for self-realization and determination in film making. And there won’t be borders or limits for negress. We often overstep the mark to highlight social and political problems through art.

New Negress Film Society Rewrite

New Negress Film Society aims to support and promote experimental, feministic, and documentary movies that weren’t noticed. We focus on building a community of independent filmmakers who aren’t afraid of raising their voices and telling about major social issues through art. Gender equality, problems faced by black artists in the film industry, discrimination, and injustice are only a small part of subjects demonstrated with the help of our projects. Unfortunately, these works are often ignored, but the New Negress Film Society will change this situation and draw the attention of authorities to the described issues. Our collective is supportive and encouraging, and every artist will find the motivation to move forward.

Our favorite movies are often experimental and feministic by nature. We believe that such pieces are the most valuable and worthy ones, as they show the purest form of sincerity. The main characters of these films have to struggle with different challenges, including bullying and discrimination every day. But they try to fight their problems and overcome hard times with dignity. We’re glad we have an opportunity to help independent filmmakers demonstrate their powerful ideas to people and share the stories that could remain untold without them. Like the best essay writer, a cinematographer allows the audience to look behind the scenes of someone’s life and see the problems requiring attention and solving.  

Despite the 21st century and the promotion of equality between racial and social minorities, there are still many problems and obstacles in everyday life that prevent these minorities from living peaceful life. This is particularly true for black women who have trouble finding jobs and getting an education. This is reflected both in the attitudes of some teachers and in the principle of the whole system. However, some methods will make life easier for black female students, relieve you of the pressure, and save you time that you can usefully spend on something a higher priority for you. So paper writer services will help you cope with the mountain of assigned essays, research, reviews, and other homework. Our experts do their work flawlessly and for a fair price. Go to to place your order.

We realize the power of our collective, as no one can tell the truth better than the marginalized artist. The filmmakers we support are independent and brave – they fearlessly discuss the problems that no one else would discuss. Members of the New Negress Film Society are looking for new, unique stories, and talented yet ignored documentalists who definitely have what to say. Thought-provoking, motivating, truthful stories that should be shown to the audience are the main focus of our community. We help our colleagues create their movies and search for funds. NNFS organizes screening events to demonstrate the best and most meaningful films to the audience. Besides, views from all over the world can watch our and our colleagues’ works on the Web.

Challenges faced by black female artists in the filmmaking industry is one of the problems New Negress Film Society focuses on. These issues were around for years, but it’s time to show what happens behind the scenes and tell our stories. We aim to increase the awareness of these problems and cause changes in the film industry. It will undoubtedly be a long way to go before we get the desired result, but we’re ready to struggle and expand the horizons for independent black artists. 

Every artist’s story is unique, and we believe that each one deserves to be told. Although the film world is often cruel and challenging, we won’t give up on it. We’ll do our best to uncover the main problems of the film industry and beyond it, because none of the issues should be hidden from the audience. NNFS is a community that will change the system.

Our community also supports other artists who show their vision through experimental films and uncommon pictures. We understand the strength of our collective and aim to raise the voices of those striving to demonstrate who they are and how this world looks like. Here, at the political film society, we strive to increase our visibility and visibility of other talented black artists, fundraise, and help acquaint the world with works of independent filmmakers.

Behind the Scenes

We decided to create this community because it seemed like there wasn’t a place for negresses in filmmaking. Black females face many challenges in this industry, and we felt that it’s time to reconstruct society and come up with new opportunities in art. In this world, it’s forbidden to discuss too many questions. But we’re going to change the situation and tell our stories. The community shows the background of life through afro-surrealism and experimental works that speak directly with your heart and mind. Problems faced by black artists have been around for years, and now we want to uncover everything that stands behind the curtains of these scenes.

Our works include short films, inspirational speeches from movies, videos, behind-the-scenes stories, and conversations with artists who share their experience. We want to show all the secrets that hide how black women are doing in the filmmaking industry. We interview them and acquaint you with the new world full of challenges and inequality. When watching the mass-market movies, you see only the surface of the sphere – it’s a beautiful picture that covers the system. We aim to develop independent filmmaking and motivate other artists to create pieces that will have uncomparable value.

New south negress look for funds to support the projects of talented colleagues. For us, it’s important to build the community for people who were thrown aside. Together, we’ll be able to tell the world how things are in filmmaking and get support. We’re working on educational projects and programs that help us obtain money for other artists and us.

The New Negress Film Society speaks aloud and has already received a number of prizes, including Sundance Institute Director’s Lab, the ESSENCE Black Women Hollywood Discovery Award, and the Gotham Awards grant. We performed our works at widely known festivals. They were demonstrated at Sundance, Rotterdam, SXSW. And we believe it’s only the tip of an iceberg, as we’re doing our best to tell the world about problems of our society, including discrimination and political issues. Welcome to our community – a place where we create and tell unique stories that open mind and heart.